Editor's Notes
In translating The Stamp Act 2 from its print form (originally published in 1985) to the WWW, I strove to retain as much of the look and feel of the original layout by Paul Shaw as possible. However, given the differences between these two media and the greater flexibility of web design, I found new ways of using certain elements from the original design (for instance, taking the Pointing Man stamp image, creating a mirror image, and using them as back/forward buttons). Paul, wherever you are, I hope you approve of the changes!

Most of the images used on this WWW site are actual stamp prints, all of which appeared in the original Stamp Act 2. These images were scanned at their original size. In the print edition of this book, many of the images were printed at sizes equal to the actual stamp prints. Unfortunately, given the different resolutions of computer monitors, the images as you see them are likely to be smaller or larger than actual size. In any case, most of these images are availabe as stamps from the Rubber Stamp Queen. Visit the Rubber Stamp Queen WWW site for more information.

Dante A. Bacani
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