Valentine's Day. What can we tell you? Hearts and flowers, right? All over the place. Send a letter to your love, if he or she is far away. Make it a letter he'll never forget . . . make it a letter his mail carrier will never forget! Yes. The frog. Well, how about - and bear in mind that we' re trying to help you get by with just one or two stamps. I mean, this isn't easy, you know? - how about

Now green. Shamrocks, probably. Maybe shamrocks with frogs under them? Whatever, remember that your invitations and your napkins and your place cards and everything else can be coordinated - and it will all be absolutely YOU!

Easter and Passover, once again, suggest their own religious symbols. For the seasonal festivities, the eggs, the bunnies . . . and of course, the frogs. WE recommend pink and blue frogs, perhaps with the inscription "Hoppin' down the bunny trail."

These holiday ideas are starting points for your own thoughts and traditions. The cost of the stamps is very quickly absorbed in the difference between plain white paper from your hardware store and decorative wrapping paper, or between plain white or colored cards and pre-designed invitations.

You may want to begin with some of our suggestions, but before you know it that stamp in your hand will have a life of its own.

Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
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