Well, the Stamp Act was long gone, but not the Stamp itself. It came to be made of rubber, instead of wood or stone. It still said PLEASE REMIT and HANDLE WITH CARE but the new material made it less expensive and more versatile and introduced it into the language.

"A rubber stamp Congress" is a Congress that docilely okays whatever a President suggests. (And should there be a President on your Christmas List, you may be sure he wouId love to have one.) A "rubber stamp" is a person who says "yes" a lot. To "rubber stamp" a suggestion or an idea is to accept it without much thought.

No wonder that the rubber stamp as creative implement should seem a contradiction in terms.

Not so, however. This little book will take you along the Rubberstamp Queen's wonderful road, showing you the endless versatility of the rubber stamp and helping you to Make Your Mark memorably.

"A 'rubber stamp' is a person who says 'yes' a lot"
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