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The Rubber Stamp Queen was born on December 16th, the day of the Boston Tea Party. She got into the Stamp Act because she felt that everything in America started with the Stamp Act and if the British had not taxed our harried colonial forefathers for their commercial printing, newspapers, pamphlets, cards, almanacs and dice, the Boston Tea Party might never have occurred. On the evening of December 16, 1773, about a hundred a fifty men masquerading as Mohawk Indians, passed through a tremendous crowd of spectators, boarded three ships belonging to the East India Trading Company , broke open the tea chests, and heaved them into the harbor. And without the Boston Tea Party perhaps America would not be celebrating the Fourth of July.
In her global Kingdom of Wonderland she celebrates rubber stamps, independence and teatime. As the Mad Hatter said calmly to Alice (chapters before she became Queen ) "Its always teatime and there's never time to wash the things between the whiles." If you feel you are always caught between the whiles, our suggestion is to get into the stamp act and start using rubber stamps! Rubber stamps are spirited, rubber stamps are freeing, rubber stamps make you an instant artist--able to create a continual tea party wherever you are!
Just press..and presto..a printed work of art as individual as you. Communicate, express, inform, create; your imagination is the limit with Stamps from The Rubber Stamp Queen.
We feature more than 350 original art stamps. Let them help you give a distinctive impression to personal or professional communications. Jazz up your faxes, design your own stationary, create your own signature gift cards, greetings cards, invitations or even wrapping paper, personal notebooks and memory boxes and books with these one-of-a kind-stamps. Most are drawn by artist Patricia Glee Smith. These original designs will enhance your correspondence and enliven your shopping lists, office memos, love letters, checks and invoices.
Of course with life on line being such a force today, we recall John Nesbitt's dictum in Megatrends. The Higher the Tech, the higher the Touch. There is nothing more high touch, than a rubber stamp! Stamps make a delightful gift or a special addition to your own writing accessories.
Snail mail will never be as fast as email, but it's a charming antidote to the electronic mailbox. There is even no need to have stamp pads! Try using water-based marker for unusual effects and colors. Use indelible ink or a laundry marker to print on fabrics. Combine stamps to make borders, interest images or effects.
Our stamps were hand-crafted in the USA by fourth generation stamp manufacturers, from the finest material with the best quality sponge cushion and a deeply etched rubber images. To clean your rubber stamps, use a rag or toothbrush with warm, soapy water. Nail polish remover may be great for a once-in-awhile cleaning, but will ultimately destroy your stamp, so use it sparingly!

Always yours in Rubber Stamp Wonderland

The Rubber Stamp Queen

My seal and my stamp are available separately and in a set. They come in a luxurious silver or blue organza bag!

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